Everything you need to know about Mio without having to read our whole website.

Everything you need to know about Mio without having to read our whole website.

We love our website. But if you’re a bit pushed for time or struggling to concentrate because you didn’t get enough sleep last night (cough, get a new mattress), we know you might not sit there and read it all. So here, in one quick article, are the reasons we think you’ll love Mio.

It’s made for you.

Most people want much the same thing from a mattress: a sleep surface that lies comfortably between way too firm and much too soft. That’s how we’ve designed Mio. So yes, technically, Mio is made for everyone. But that means it’s also more likely to suit you.

There’s no risk.

Choosing a mattress used to be an important decision involving lots of lying down in showrooms with everyone looking on. Awkward. But buy a Mio and you have 100 sleeps to decide if it’s right for you. All in the comfort of your own bedroom. It’s still a hugely important decision, but there’s no chance of getting it wrong.
Order it from home.


Not only do you get to avoid all that weird lying-down-in-the-showroom business, you get to avoid the showroom altogether. You order Mio online and it arrives at your door 2-3 days later (in a box). And if turns out not to be the best mattress you’ve ever, ever slept on, you send it back. The only ‘selling’ you’ll encounter is, well, this.

Mio Mattress

It’s comfort uncomplicated.

The mattress industry is full of weird and wonderful technologies that are supposed to aid sleep. We have one word for all that. Marketing. By contrast, Mio is made of four simple layers of foam. One to provide bounce, one to offer great support, one to make sure you don’t wake your sleeping partner when you roll over or go to the loo, and the fourth to hold the other three up. A bit of science goes into getting that mix just right, but we’re not going to harp on about it.

It’s the best night’s sleep ever.

Yeah, of course we’re going to say that. But listen. We’ve been in the bed business for looooong time, and we know there are some great mattresses out there. We just happen to believe that Mio is one of them, and that once you’ve tried it, you’ll fall in love. Because what would be the point of us making it otherwise?

Mio Mattress

May 12, 2016