mio (me-o):
Italian for my

born for a better way

After spending many years in the mattress industry, we began to notice something. Mattresses were becoming increasingly complex. Extravagant layers and elaborate technology were overwhelming customers with choice. The products were expensive and confusing, but they weren’t providing a better night’s sleep. The industry needed a wake up call.

Beautifully simple,
blissfully comfortable

We knew from experience that complicated technology didn’t necessarily make one mattress better than another. The only thing that really mattered was how a mattress felt when you slept on it. So, using straightforward construction methods and high-quality materials, we set out to create a single mattress that felt great to everybody. One that supports your body, reacts to your position and regulates your temperature.

We called it Mio.

The best experience

We didn’t want to stop at creating the best mattress. The whole buying experience needed improvement too. Back in 2004 we were instrumental in introducing the first roll-packed mattresses to the UK. Using that same technology we realised we could sell Mio online and ship direct to customers’ homes quickly and easily. And that meant we could also offer the opportunity to test Mio the only way you can really test the suitability of a mattress – by sleeping on it, risk free, for 100 nights. Fall in love with Mio

Fall in love with Mio

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