We charge a fair price for our Mio Mattress

(It's something else that helps us sleep at night)

Mio 100% Latex Memory Foam Pocket Springs
Single £389 £1,199 £1,099 £1,109
Sm Double £589 £1,689 £1,439 £1,599
Double £589 £1,689 £1,439 £1,599
King £689 £1,999 £1,649 £1,799
Super King £739 £2,199 £1,899 £1,999


Sm Double
Super King


Sm Double
Super King

Memory Foam

Sm Double
Super King

Pocket Springs

Sm Double
Super King

To most people, mattresses are a bit of a mystery. And that’s just how the mattress industry likes it. It means they can price their products as high as they can get away with, and customers won’t know any better. But at Mio, that’s not how we roll.

Exceptional quality at a fair price.

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We’re pulling back the sheets on our pricing

Discover the truth

When you buy a mattress, we believe you should know exactly who you’re getting into bed with. So here’s what it costs us to make, market and deliver your high quality Mio mattress. Our process isn’t all that different from some other manufacturers out there. So if you’re paying more for a mattress, you need to ask yourself where your money is going.

Average Material Cost (Double Mattress)

Approx Total
+ Wholesale Markup
+ Marketing
+ Retail Markup
+ Commissions
Typical Retail Price
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Sleep should be easy

Mattress makers rely on confusion

Mixing Layers

Mattress companies love mixing layers (it’s a way of innovating without actually innovating).

More Layers

In the same way that we’re against over-complicated pricing, we hate over-complicated technology and gimmicks. The mattress industry is full of it (literally), and most of it revolves around adding or mixing layers. They call it innovation! But think about this. Every layer of foam needs a layer of glue.

Air Flow

Glue stops the air from circulating. No air flowing through the mattress means you get hot and can’t sleep. Not really innovation, is it?

Uncover Mio and learn exactly who your sleeping with

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The old ways aren’t always the best ways

Until recently, if you wanted a mattress you had a choice to make. Pocket springs, latex or memory foam.


  • Spring mattresses are mostly empty space, so you get mostly empty support.
  • Springs push back creating pressure points and resistance.
  • Cheap to produce so spring mattresses tend to be low cost.
  • Must be rotated every few months or the mattress will become lumpy and uneven as the springs loose their spring!
  • Because of the empty cavities inside the mattress it’s easy for dust mites to live there.
  • Springs have a lot of bounce which is great for quality time with your partner but can cause disturbances when they stir at night.
  • Squeaky! Watch The Video

Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam is great for support, but has no bounce so can feel like sleeping in quicksand.
  • Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and can become very hot at night as the material absorbs your body heat.
  • Memory foam mattresses are movement absorbing but can be problematic for quality time with your partner as they offer no bounce.
  • Memory foam mattresses can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds using the same materials. Price is based on brand. not quality!
  • So-called “Egg Crate” layers are a single block of foam cut in half, then disguised as a bonus feature. It’s an easy way for mattress companies to charge you more while selling you less.


  • Made from either plant- or petroleum-based synthetic rubber so this mattress is a 'green' option for environmentally-conscious sleepers
  • 100% latex is made with 100% natural rubber latex and is incredibly comfy.
  • 100% latex is incredibly expensive and difficult to find.
  • Latex mattresses are soft and bouncy and provide decent support throughout the bed because they have a higher air content than most foams.
  • Natural latex or Pure latex is manufactured with much less rubber latex content. This is reflected in the price. They are far cheaper and far springier. They are usually cream or grey in colour.

Discover Mio’s unique layers that will insure you have a fantastic night’s sleep

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No fancy marketing terms

Something else we’re not huge fans of are the fanciful names and tricky language the mattress marketers use to bamboozle customers.

  • BreezeSleep™
  • ComfyZZZ™
  • DreamyTex™

We have a name for our mattress

It's called Mio (me-o)
and it's Italian for my

Support without the sink

Perfect for side, back & stomach sleepers.

The Mio mattress is comfortably firm while still being bouncy and supportive.

the right kind of firm

Whether you’re 20 kilos or 200, your Mio mattress is made from responsive materials that make sure it always feels firm without ever feeling too firm.

the best level of bounce

Sinking into bed sounds wonderful, but you don’t want to drown in it. Mio contours to your body while providing just the right amount of springiness.

the perfect amount of cool

The open-cell construction of our Adaptive top layer allows air to circulate around your body, whatever position you’ve drifted off in.

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A cheaper price not a cheaper mattress
A Mio we never cut quality. But we have cut just about everything else

We sell direct from our factory to your front door. So we don’t have to build in costs for warehousing, retail space, middlemen and mark-ups. And guess who benefits from that? Lucky you.

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Four Layers are all you need for a good night’s sleep.
At Mio we’ve taken the common sense approach to making the perfect mattress.

We’ve incorporated all the things you need for a good night’s sleep, like bounce, support and breathability, and we’ve got rid of everything you don’t – such as meaningless layers and springs.

Mio Mattress

4 Layers

Everybody else

5, 6, even 7 Layers

Layer 1

Cutting edge Adaptive foam, like 100% natural latex but better. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable allowing air to move under your body, drawing away heat, and keeping you comfortably cool.

Layer 2

Firm but not too firm, Mio’s wonderful support comes from its sub layer of memory foam.

Layer 3

A dense supportive transition layer makes sure you’re not disturbed when your partner gets up for a wee. It also prevents your Mio from ever becoming saggy and shapeless.

Layer 4

A firm durable foundation that that will never loose shape ensures consistent, night after night support to the comfort layers above.

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At Mio, our foams are CertiPUR Certified, and our cover is Oeko-tex Certified. Mio is NBF approved. For health and safety only ever buy NBF Approved sleep products.

Delivered free to your front door

Your Mio mattress comes in a box.

Leave a review when it arrives.

You can’t test a mattress in a mattress showroom

There’s only one way to judge if a mattress is right for you, and that’s to sleep on it.

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