Ahhh, that new mattress smell

A decade to enjoy.

Your new Mio mattress has been made to order and compressed and boxed immediately afterwards. And while that means your Mio has not been lying around the factory gathering dust like other mattresses, it also means the scent of the foam materials used have not had chance to dissipate and have been boxed along with the mattress.

As a result, when you unpack your Mio for the first time, you’ll be aware of a new smell. Think of it as a new-mattress smell. It’s completely harmless, and in a well-ventilated room, will dissipate.

If you’re particularly sensitive to smell, then a few sprays of Febreze will help speed the process up.

So what exactly is the smell?

All mattresses sold in the UK must pass strict flammability tests. To ensure Mio adheres to these regulations, we add a fire retardant solution to the foam mix. It’s this that leaves a residual odor.

The additives we use are CertiPUR® certified, which means they’re completely safe for adults and children.

Some people love the smell, others hate it. Either way, rest assured that it won’t hang around for too long – and it means you can be confident your Mio is completely fire retardant.

You can see Mio’s very own fire safety certificate here