the mattress for dreamers

If 25 years in the bed business has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a better way of making a mattress. We believe Mio is it. It’s simple, beautiful, and blisssfully comfortable for almost everyone.

better materials for your best night’s sleep

All anyone wants from a mattress is a sound sleep. But how is that achieved? The main factors that contribute to a dreamy, well- balanced slumber are comfort, support and temperature. We’ve combined just the right materials in just the right way to ensure Mio stays firm but flexible, soft but springy and cool but cozy night after night after night.

Adaptive foam, meet memory foam

Mio’s top layer is made of cutting edge Adaptive foam, like '100% natural' latex but better. A new-generation foam that’s hypoallergenic and breathable. Its open-cell construction allows air to move under your body, drawing away heat, and keeping you comfortably cool.

Like latex, it’s also fast-response. Or springy. It provides edge to edge support and stops you from sinking too deeply into the memory foam beneath. So you can roll around all night long without ever getting stuck.

Memory foam, meet Adaptive foam

Mio’s memory foam layer moulds to the contours of your body to support the whole of you, not just the bits that stick out like hips and shoulders. It’s wonderful stuff, but it’s not designed to be very bouncy. So we’ve put just the right amount of Adaptive foam over the top, creating a sleeping surface that adapts and responds to your body, just the way you want it to.

And beneath it all…

Every material we use in a Mio contributes to a great night’s sleep. Even the ones you don’t sleep on. Beneath the memory foam lies a transition layer that does an excellent job of smoothing out any movement above. And beneath that is a 10cm deep base of dense foam. Dense also equals durable. Which means Mio holds its shape and never becomes saggy or sloppy. Which is one of the reasons we can guarantee its performance for so long.

comfort in a box

Your Mio mattress really does come in a box. It’s made of high-quality, resilient stuff, so we can compress and roll-pack it without damaging it in any way. And that’s great, because not only does it allow us to ship it to you for free. It allows you to get it into your bedroom without calling for an extra pair of hands.